The Royal Dublin officially opens new bunkers


10th May 2023

The Royal Dublin Golf Club officially opened their new, revamped bunkers, which was the club’s final stage of its bunker renovation project.

The core philosophy of the bunker renovation was to restore Harry Colt‘s heritage, which included Colt’s characteristics such as high sand faces, more interesting shapes, and a asymmetrical style of defence which delivers more strategic intent in each hole‘s design.

The design works were carried out by lead architect Frank Pont and his associate, Dr. Hendrik Hilgert, from Clayton, DeVries & Pont (CDP). They did a fantastic job in utilising historic photos to bring back to life some of Harry Colt’s original design features and they applied Colt’s philosophies throughout their design works.

The works were carried out by DAR Construction, with Graham Darcy as the lead shaper. Their work was professional and precise as always, Graham has being doing construction work at Royal Dublin for 20 years and his historical knowledge of the site was of a great help throughout this process.

The Links Team, which is led by Links Manager Alan Hammond, have done a first class job in preparing the bunkers for play. They played a key role throughout the bunker renovation process and their contribution in the final grow-in stage is absolutely vital to ensure the project is a success.

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